Labor Economics

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Chapter 5

Job Search

In this chapter, we will:

  • See what unemployed workers do to find a job
  • Study how the duration of unemployment depends on the characteristics of unemployed workers
  • Study how unemployment insurance influences the duration of unemployment
  • Learn how economists empirically evaluate this influence
  • Examine how the contribution of Lalive, van Ours, and Zweimuller (2006) assesses the impact of modifications in the Austrian unemployment insurance system on the duration of unemployment (The main results of this contribution can be replicated with data and programs available at
  • Review the effects of job search help and checking on job search effort
  • See how the equilibrium search model explains why identical workers can be paid differently
  • Learn why wages rise, on average, as workers gain experience and why large firms pay higher wages than small firms to identical workers


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Graphics of the chapter

Reproducing the figures and the main results

Chapter 5 figures


Lalive, R., van Ours, J., & Zweimuller, J. (2006) "How changes in financial incentives affect the duration of unemployment" Review of Economic Studies


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